Wirecuts were made by slicing the clay with a wire, leaving the brick flat on both sides.  They are also referred to as ‘doublesiders’.  Unlike the three other types of bricks, they do not have the distinctive ‘frog’ or indentation on one side.  If one side of a Wirecut has more damage than the other, it can easily be flipped to use the better side, making them ideal for paving or landscaping.

Wirecuts tend to have a smoother face which highlights the chips and blemishes in the face of the brick.  They are an internal brick and therefore generally have greater amounts of residual lime mortar on them. These factors make them less suitable for walls and more suitable for landscaping / paving.

Wirecuts vary in colour from red to orange; with the red variety generally being harder and more sought after.  Wirecuts are generally more common than the other varieties of brick.  The Old Red Brick Co. has supplied countless thousands of wirecuts to various residential projects throughout South Australia.