Classic Meets Function With Our Red Brick Feature Walls

Red brick feature walls add a unique and timeless touch to the feel and mood of any home. So if you are considering putting up some for your home, get in touch only with Old Red Brick Company. We are a proudly South Australian owned and operated company that specialises in house demolition and brick recycling services. We are located at 165 William Street, Beverly, SA 5009 where the site of Willis and Williams’ Brickyard used to operate beginning in 1882. The street was later named William Street owing to the contribution of the brickyard to the brick making tradition of the people in Beverly. Today, Old Red Brick Company focuses on demolition projects as a source of red bricks for recycling and retail. We also offer recycled red bricks, brick veneers, stone, and timber materials for all of our red brick feature walls. Call us today at 08 8347 2419 and let us know how we could be of help.

Red Brick Feature Walls

Quality Red Brick Feature Walls

Whether you are looking to demolish existing red brick feature walls or are planning on putting one up for your new home, Old Red Brick Co. is the company for you. We have a wide range of products for your landscaping needs, and offer various services including red brick feature walls to full scale commercial demolition. You may get in touch with us through 08 8347 2419 or send us an email at info@ so we can provide you with a quote whether it is for a demolition project or an order of bricks, brick veneers, or salvaged parts. For demolition, we will conduct an on-site inspection to map out the necessary work. We will also assist you with all required council approval and request for a power and gas disconnection. We usually require up to a week to get the entire job done. To reserve a schedule, we need a notice at least three weeks or more before the target demolition date.

Brick Recycling and Red Brick Feature Walls Design

The Old Red Brick Company is your most trusted and reliable partner in demolition, recycling, and reusing red bricks for red brick feature walls in South Australia. We will work with you from the start to the very end of every project. Our innovative ways of salvaging parts from our demolition projects allows us to build new spaces that depict timelessness and creativity. Our recycled W and W red bricks do not only represent an era but also a heritage that has flourished and provided livelihood for people of Beverly. This is the heritage that Old Red Brick Co. maintains in a continuously progressing society where contemporary art has taken over classic designs. Working on the premise that older materials are more dedicatedly made and are therefore more durable, our team finds value in recycling bricks, timber, and stone for the landscaping needs of clients who have the appreciation for classic art.

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Do you want to achieve classic red brick feature walls at home? Call Old Red Brick Co. today at 08 8347 2419.