pressed red

Pressed Reds are a style of brick made by various South Australian companies over the last century.  Hallet Pressed Reds are the most common however other manufacturers include W&W, K&S, Freburg, James, Standard and MB.  The name or insignia of the manufacturer has usually been stamped in the ‘frog’ or indentation of the brick.

We do not categorise Pressed Reds by brick manufacturer, as they are nearly indistinguishable when laid together (however, depending upon the particular manufacturer and the era in which they were made, their size may vary slightly – i.e some Pressed Reds will be 225mm in length while others will be 230mm in length, some Pressed Reds may be 70mm in thickness however generally the 75mm variety is more common).

Pressed Reds were traditionally used on the outside of buildings in the 40s and 50s.  Their hardness, square shape and dark red colour make them ideal for use as pavers and in landscaping.