Classic Internal Feature Walls Design With Red Bricks

Many old houses in South Australia were built with classic durable materials that were meant to last generations and withstand elements and weather. Noticeably, many of these use red bricks as internal feature walls. This is due to the easy access to high quality bricks from Willis and Williams’ brickyard in Beverly since 1882. The Old Red Brick Co. is a demolition company and a leader in supplying recycled old red bricks. The old red brick is the symbol of Beverly’s brick-making heritage since W and W first started making their own bricks at what we now know as the William Street. Our current office is located at 165 William St., named after one of the two brick suppliers in the city of Beverly. Talk to us today and become part of this culture of having bricks as internal feature walls. Book your demolition project or avail of our products at

Internal Feature Walls

Internal Feature Walls In Adelaide

The Old Red Brick Co. offers classic red bricks recycled from internal feature walls from our demolition projects. Our red bricks include pressed reds, usually salvaged from outside of the buildings, and sandstocks, ideal for retaining walls and pathways due to its sandy finish. Shales are hard-fired bricks used for rustic internal feature walls and driveways for its granular texture. For landscaping and paving, wirecut recycled bricks can be used as they are flat on either faces so they can be flipped to expose the better side. For significantly cheaper options, seconds or roughies can be used for paveway and wall finishes that aim for truly rustic finish. Seconds are rough and damaged bricks that are no longer uniform in size and shape. Brick veneers are specially developed by Old Red Brick Co. We cut the faces of the bricks to create thinner brick tiles that can be glued to a wall or floor surface to recreate the look and feel of authentic brick walls.

Reliable Retail and Internal Feature Walls Services

At the Old Red Brick Co., we are not only a retail company, but a result of decades of dedication in the brick-making industry by the community of Beverly in South Australia. We build on the passion of recycling and putting up internal feature walls made from traditional red bricks crafted by W&W, K&S, Hallet, Freburg, James, Standard, and MB. Aside from bricks, we also retail salvaged floorboards, such as the softwoods Red Baltic Pine and Kauri Pine, and the hardwood Jarrah. Aside from recycled construction materials from classic and heritage houses, our team also specialises in residential, commercial, and civil demolition projects, and in asbestos removal and paving supply and laying. We offer cost-effective options that are delivered in a speedy and efficient manner. We build our reputation on reliability and focus on meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction.

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Get your home that rustic and timeless beauty by using bricks or brick veneers for internal feature walls. Contact our team today on 08 8347 2419.