Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you always have bricks in stock?

Yes, we always have bricks in stock. We only require notice for orders of over 5,000 bricks.

Will the old red bricks have paint on them?

Depending upon where the bricks have come from, occasionally they may have paint on one side.

How do I remove the residual lime mortar from my bricks?

Any residual lime mortar should be able to be removed using a wire brush depending upon its extent and strength. Often the lime mortar will gradually wear away with foot traffic.
Any residual lime mortar is best removed using a high pressure cleaner (gernie). Walls can also be lightly acid washed as required.

How many bricks can I fit in a standard 6 x 4 trailer?

A normal 6 x 4 trailer can safely carry approximately 200 – 300 bricks.

Do you sell fire bricks?

Technically the old red bricks that we sell are not fire bricks. A fire brick is a new type of brick which has been purposely created for its specific insulation properties. While old red bricks are not technically fire bricks, it is possible to use them for their insulating qualities. Old red bricks have been successfully used for pizza ovens, fire places and fire pits for many years. We do however recommend using one of the harder varieties of our bricks such as the shale or pressed red to avoid any premature cracking.

Do you sell non-red bricks / cream bricks?

Generally, no. Occasionally we may have limited numbers of cream bricks and other non-red bricks in stock. Cream bricks are generally not recycled and are difficult to obtain second-hand.

Do you sell recycled pavers and concrete pavers?

No – we generally do not sell recycled pavers and concrete pavers.

Do you sell roof tiles?

No – unfortunately we do not sell roof tiles.

How quickly can I have my bricks delivered once I have placed an order?

We normally require at least two business days’ notice prior to delivery. We cannot deliver on weekends.

What is the best product to fill gaps between bricks used for paving?

We use a mixture of cement and quarry sand. Pavelock is another more expensive option.

Can you use old red bricks in driveways? Will they withstand the weight of a car?

Yes – depending upon the type of brick. We suggest using a harder brick such as a pressed red or shale. Hard sandstocks and wire-cuts have also been used successfully in driveways in the past.

What are the standard dimensions and weights of an old red brick?

Please refer to the table located on our Old Red Brick page which sets out the weights and measurements of our bricks.

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