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The Old Red Brick Co. is South Australia’s leading supplier of old red bricks.

All of our bricks are sourced from the demolition of houses built from the 1850s to the late 1950s. The bricks are transported to our yard, cleaned, sorted and stacked onto pallets of 500 bricks.

While there have been hundreds of different varieties of old red bricks produced in South Australia over the last century, we sell four main types of bricks; Wirecut, Pressed Red, Shale and Sandstock. In addition to this, we further sort our bricks into face, standard and seconds bricks.

We only categorise our bricks by these four types of brick, not quality or grade. Therefore there may be a certain proportion of bricks in any given pallet that will be unusable depending upon the purpose and aesthetic of your project. It is for this reason that we recommend allowing for a certain percentage of wastage when planning a project using old red bricks.

There are a few things to consider when planning a project with recycled bricks:

  1. All recycled red bricks will have chips, blemishes and residual lime mortar; irrespective of the type of brick purchased.
    In many respects this is what adds to the character of our bricks. However; if you are looking for a brick without these imperfections, then a new brick may be a more suitable option.
  2. Some recycled bricks can be brittle & break easily.
    Being recycled bricks, we cannot determine the age or how many times a certain brick has been used. This means that certain types of bricks are more suitable for projects than others. It also means that despite our best efforts there may be some broken bricks on a pallet.
  3. Despite our sorting processes, a single pallet will always carry a number of unusable bricks.
    The number of bricks in a pallet that are unusable will depend on the type of bricks and what they’ll be used for. Because of this, we always recommend allowing for additional bricks when placing an order.
  4. Recycled bricks vary in size.
    Whilst we try to sort our bricks as consistently as possible; keeping bricks from the same building together, we have found all our bricks have a size variance of up to 5mm in height and width.
  5. Supply can be limited.
    Our supply of Old Red Bricks is contingent upon the type and number of buildings we demolish. As such; it may not be possible for us to fill large orders at any one time dependant on normal market forces of supply and demand.
    If you have a project that requires large volumes of bricks; please give us as much notice as possible.

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