At Old Red Brick Company we have started a new brick matching service.

This is a service that we are bringing to the public by popular demand. Over the course of the last 10 years; we continue to receive large volumes of enquiries from persons trying to match existing houses bricks that can no longer be sourced new.

The problem that many people encounter is that most of the larger brick companies in South Australia only made specific brick lines across a specified period. This means that sourcing small numbers of particular types of bricks for repair jobs can be extremely difficult; particularly if modern bricks do not come close to matching in colour or pattern.

Our process is to selectively collect the best bricks from a property whilst it is being demolished, hand clean them and thensort and stack them ready for resale.

As this is a new service; we are currently in the process of building up stock. However, if we do not have a particular type of brick in stock then we will attempt to source it for you.

If you would like to use this service then please contact us and send through an email with the photo of the brick you are seeking to match with the dimensions and quantities.

Please note; we are currently only matching building bricks and not recycled pavers.