Brick matching is one of the most important things when renovating an old property. Whether it be a simple patch up job, or an extension to the original brickwork, consistency is a must to achieve a seamless finish.

As there are a number of different bricks that could have been used, it can be difficult to identify the specific type needed for the job at hand. This is where we come in.
Our experienced staff will be able to assist in identifying the type of brick required, and match it up to your specifications to ensure they match up as closely to the original work as possible.

Brick matching can be done both in person and via email. All we need from you is a reference of the bricks to be matched and the amount required for the job.
From there we can identify the bricks and provide you with all the details on what they are, availability along with a quote if required.

This service is free of charge to all our customers, so if there’s a brick you’re searching for, let us know.